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  • Stockley Park, London , , United Kingdom

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  • automotive


  • ["connected car","automotive technology"]
  • website:http://www.tantalumcorporation.com
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  • twitter:https://twitter.com/tantalumcorp
  • linkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/11007439

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  • Downsizing
    I directly report to the board of a $6 million business portfolio. My responsibility includes production processes, building and equipment maintenance, vendors, on site staff and oversight of company finances for multiple entities. I wrote the specification of our production equipment and served as liaison with vendors during installation of our equipment. I provide production support of our equipment during operations. During the past three years, we decreased our labor cost by 50%. Most of the assets of our client’s portfolio have recently been sold. The remaining assets are cash flow positive and stabilized.

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