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  • 15635 Alton Parkway, Suite 250, Irvine, CA 92618, US , , United States

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  • (888) 823-7237


  • information technology and services


  • ["mobile","information technology","wireless","radio","lte","cellular","satellite","fleet & asset management","internet of things","iot","m2m","machinetomachine","cloud platforms","big data","cloud computing","telematics","insurance telematics","and stole"]
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CalAmp Reviews

  • Great learning opportunity!
    At CalAmp there are so many learning opportunities. I learned more there than I have learned in 8 months anywhere else. You are constantly on your toes and excited.
  • Best Job
    In Cal amp was the best job because there was thing that we needed and helped us out when we needed help the people in there where so nice we never had problems there .
  • Work
    Was a 4-5 month contract work. Team was very knowledgeable and collaborative . Manager was great Great work environment .............................
  • Relaxed but stressful at quarter end
    Management could be improved. Every quarter end is very stressful. everything seems to be planned for last minute. Parts and equipment are never order on time.
  • Stable company, but no internal promotion path.
    Cal Amp is a company in transition. It has been run like a small company for years, a tight-knit group of employees working to accomplish a goal of providing quality products to their customers. The company has been a family for a long time. Now that Cal Amp is beginning to grow, things like promotions and pay raises are being somewhat lost in the shuffle. HR really is making the effort to provide a positive atmosphere. Overall, Cal Amp is not a bad place to work.
  • Uncoordinated Strategies
    Full of good people in most every discipline, but lacking consistent business direction. Chasing the revenue ball every 13 weeks while ignoring market growth opportunities.
  • Great support from team members.
    Left my previous employer to join this company and wanted to contribute my business knowledge to grow 10x in the next five years. Was a big mistake for not reading the fine print; “If you want to work for a stable company, come to work for Calamp.”
  • Nice work place
    Nice workplace, encouraging people, good work ethics. Very supportive staff learned a lot of things. gives a good experience not in only your filed but versatile experience.
  • good place to work
    big company; provide professional training to all employees, caries excellent benefits, regular meeting with management, good environment; professional work place.
  • Great potential
    The company has great potential, but late product releases and poor execution make their position in the marketplace tenuous. What was once a leader in the space is now in danger of becoming a footnote.
  • Slow development
    Solid company but extremely slow developing or modifying hardware and software applications. It was like turning a cruise ship in a bathtub................................................................
  • Bought Out
    Once CalAmp bought out LoJack. Management started to care more about the bottom line than about the employees. There were constant lay offs with no thought process as to how to cover the workload.
  • Still a hardware company
    CalAmp is still a hardware company trying to be a software company. They have been working on this transition for 5 years now and keep ignoring the advice and expertise of the software developers and managers from companies they acquire. The top management really wants to make the transition, but they still believe their ways of succeeding in the hardware business are proven to work and so should work in the software world. They ridicule agile development methods and outsource everything to offshore developers -- even the key technology.

CalAmp employees

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