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  • Indianapolis, IN , , United States

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  • (800) 457-8283


  • government administration


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State of Indiana Reviews

  • It went in flew . Challenges strategy overcoming successes and moving on was the steps Followed .
    Generally speaking, my work is slightly challenging as I have to look after the entire product marketing and distribution life cycle as well as manage day-to-day yield operations. Pitching for my company as a marketer gets tiring and the task is slightly
  • Good honest work. Many perks,
    The job has advancement if you are looking to do so. Reliable and flexible. Free parking and other good perks. Would refer friends to apply to work for the State of Indiana
  • Difficult Job
    Very strict with discipline on some staff. Job performance evaluations are conducted by upper management that have never had an opportunity to work with said employees.
  • Reason for leaving
    My mom had cancer and decide to move back to Michigan to be close to her and my family if it was not for that I would have continued to work there. Thanks
  • Limited job advancement
    There is not a lot of room for advancement if that is what an individual is looking for as part of their criteria. There are decent benefits and the pay could be better.
  • Good place to work
    Good employer, benefits are very good but compensation is low A positive about working for the state is if you do not like your position, you have the opportunity to transfer to different positions and/or agencies
  • Will speak openly in person
    I Would not like to provide any information at this time. Open to speak in person about any questions . learned many things while working for the state of Indiana. Relocated.
  • Motovational
    Enjoyable place to work with the ability to motivate people. Was ab;e to be positive influence on others. I was able to be a influential role model.
  • Productive Workplace
    Anyone can navigate their own career at the state if you apply yourself and determine a logical career pathway and ensure you build relationships with those needed to succeed.
  • Great place to work
    Enjoyed working no one is your friend everyone afraid your going to get more than they do. Everyone ready to throw you under the bus supervisors are sneaky and underhanded.
  • Productive workplace
    Indiana State is a very productive workplace. It offers and excellent work-life balance. It is a place that recognizes hard work and excellence. It offers a yearly salary increase based on performance
  • Enjoyed employment. My job entailed quite a bit of driving through out the state of Indiana
    I would do this job again if the opportunity presented another opening. I can not disclose the exact department I worked in. It paid well as was a rewarding position.
  • High pace working place
    No room for advancement. Competitive environment. Expectations are set high for employees and the pay does not compensate. The good thing about this place are the benefits.
  • Great place to work if you are politically involved.
    This review is specific to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency -- Cronyism at its finest. If you are not a favorite, you will not do well in this agency. Everyone is treated differently, right down to staffing issues. Favorites get the staff to get the work done. Disliked directors are made to suffer and "do what you have to do" to get the work done. Customer service representatives are the lowest paid in the industry yet are required to know and enforce laws regarding the professions they license. The workload is not evenly distributed throughout the agency. Not everyone in the agency is held to the same standards. There is very low morale perpetuated by the Executive and Deputy Executive Directors (one being an appointee of the Governor only because she is married to a State Representative). Executive staff has no idea what they are doing, nor what the actual purpose of the agency is. Employees get a 1 hour lunch and can only take "breaks" if you are a smoker.
  • Love working with veterans
    Loved my job the veterans are great family like staff fun place to work the ones that run it makes the morale horrible they constantly talk about staff in negative ways and have there click do not follow state procedures and are very vengeful if you stand up for your self really is sad wants they remove these people myself and many othets would come back 80%staffing or more at one pointhorrible turn over rate iam sure state is not like this only west lafayette indiana facility

State of Indiana employees

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