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Monnit Corporation

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  • 3400 S W Temple, South Salt Lake, UT 84115, États-Unis , , United States

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  • (801) 561-5555


  • information technology and services


  • ["low cost remote monitoring solutions","wireless sensors","wireless monitoring solutions","online sensor monitoring","iot","internet of things","remote monitoring","saas","remote monitoring app","cloud services","made in the usa","and iiot"]
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Monnit Corporation Reviews

  • Good Job to Have
    Company is in a growing phase, and still needs a missing piece to be where it wants to be in a growing industry. Policy is developing, and sometimes there is lack of clear direction, and internal communication. Benefits are skimpy, and the pay is below par for the work required. But the success of the company could make that worth it. For those working to support a family this is not a risk to be taken. Good job otherwise, you are treated well.

Monnit Corporation employees

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