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  • 5395 Pearl Pkwy, Boulder, CO 80301, USA , , United States

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  • (303) 381-9200


  • wireless


  • ["industrial iot","scada","m2m","path studies","oil","gas","government","defense","precision agriculture","water","wastewater","smart grid","utilities","energy","irrigation","smart municipalities","data communications","and data backhaul"]
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FreeWave Technologies Reviews

  • bad company
    fired me for no reason - New management came in and fired lots of people for no reason - Not given a fair chance to prove capable of following new policies.
  • FreeWave Technologies Summary
    I could not leave this company fast enough. Horribly managed by previous CEO and existing CEO. Small company that has lost many great employees and spoiled their sales department too much; therefore company is more than likely struggling financially. The pay is not competitive and getting anything accomplished is difficult to say the least.
  • Good 1st level management and challenging work.
    typical day at work was spent with good working teams and reachable goals at the team level through 1st level management, but upper level management was isolated from the employees.
  • Good job experience working with other engineers
    This opportunity provided me with situations to test my problem solving skills and helped me grow as a student engineer.

FreeWave Technologies employees

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