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  • 1 E Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, US , , United States

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  • (864) 963-6300


  • electrical/electronic manufacturing


  • ["aluminum electrolytic capacitors","ceramic capacitors","emi filters","film capacitors","tantalum capacitors","supercapacitors","flex suppressor sheets","metal composite inductors","miniature signal relays","emi cores for cables","and ac line filters"]
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KEMET Electronics Corporation Reviews

  • very fun workplae to work. co-works were very helpful and friendly
    learned how to be a good teammate, really enjoyed the at work gym facility at the work place. had a real good cafeteria. superiors were very friendly and helpful.
  • Overall ok place to work
    If this location was not closing I would stay with the company despite the poor communication between management and operators. The pay is great and great benefits.
  • This is a great place to work.
    This is a manufacturing environment full of productivity. You are required to make a certain quota which is not hard u also rotate stations so that you are not doing the same thing all shift. Great environment. Comfortable. Inviting.
  • Great
    Typical work day was pretty easy. Management was extremely nice, I made a few long term friends. The hardest part was when a tank went down and there was too much down time
  • Great Peers to work with
    I met great people at KEMET and enjoyed working their. It was great going to Simpsonville to see the original headquarters. There is much improvement needed at KEMET as far as caring for their employees better. Showing a genuine interest in valuing their employees. Their benefits are fair and better than a lot of other companies. However, management needs to show more concern for their employees. We lost a fairly new employee when I was working there. She had a sudden illness and passed away. No one from management showed any concern or value for that person. That is a shame. I hope they improve upon this.
  • nice pleace to work
    KEMET is a a great place to work, has a nice work environment and a friendly coworkers. very supportive management team, with a strong believes and vision
  • Tight knit IT group with excellent coordination and support among members
    I was fortunate to have worked at KEMET before its IPO, when it was still run by its founder. He was venerated as an extremely capable man throughout the company - and for good reason in my estimation. His legacy is a company that is ethical, strategically focused, and people oriented. I made many friendships there that I keep to this day, and gained much experience. I can honestly say there was heartfelt camaraderie among team members there, and managers were willing to help mediate any occasional discord. While this may not have been true in every division or functional area throughout the company, we in IT felt well supported by our leadership. This is a company which I admire to this day, and have fond memories of working for.
  • Engineer
    Survey current equipment status for future equipment requirements and improvements. Managed inside design work and coordinated work with outside vendors to supply equipment, delivery and install equipment. Responsible for budgets up to $1 Million. Evaluated and modified high-speed capacitor tape and reel machines, using statistical methods to reduce variability and improve utilization. Developed tooling to decrease machine down time.
  • N/a
    Excelente ambiente de trabajo, mucho aprendizaje.!!!
  • It was a great job that ended due to politicians bad decisions.
    The place closed down do to bad trade deal made by our corrupt politicians. I was hoping that someday I would retire there. I wonder if we can ship some politicians jobs over seas?
  • Good place to start
    Kemet was one best companies in Simpsonville SC to work but they had to down size and layoffs the employees in the past. The work is not hard but very easy. It is a very clean work environment and laid back. There quality is high but management works with there employees.
  • Great place to wok
    Kemet gave me every opportunity to advance while employed there. The provided me with the education and tools I needed to succeed in the position I held. There were plenty of opportunities to advance if one puts his/her mind to it.
  • Good place to work with good benefits
    I enjoy my job, fast pace and very busy. Lots of good people which makes a good company. Daily work included answering customer emails, entering orders , updating spread sheets. Job relocation is the reason I am looking for a new job.
  • great place to work in a team enviroment
    Kemet was the first job that I had . At Kemet I was introduced to the manufacturing environment. It was fast paced with emphasis on safety, quality, and productivity in a team environment. Kemet makes capacitors of various types. A company that makes electronics must be on the cutting edge of technology. As an employee at Kemet, you get an opportunity to learn innovative manufacturing processes and work with some technological advanced equipment. The only problem at Kemet was getting laid off unexpectedly. I am considering reapplying to once again join the Kemet team.
  • Excellent place to work
    I love working at Kemet this was my first job real professional job and I truly loved this job but with slow demands for the products, they had to do a major lay-off. If not i would still be working there.

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