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  • 1102 Silver Lake Rd, Cary, IL 60013, USA , , United States

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  • (800) 322-2645


  • electrical/electronic manufacturing


  • ["inductors","transformers","magnetics for industry","and military","aerospace & medical","professional services"]
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Coilcraft, Inc. Reviews

  • Management really appreciates employees but size of organization limits advancement potential
    Great place to work if you are not looking for significant career advancement. Work life balance is excellent but compensation is below average. Management really values employees but the organization is too small to offer opportunities to get ahead.
  • Productive place, friendly management and employees
    Excellent place to start. I loved working there the brief time that i had there. I had a good friend who worked there and hired me, I was temporary only because i knew i would me moving within a year.
  • Stable job with wonderful Work life balance and compensation
    I enjoyed my work. It was challenging, but not overly. It was a great job to help pay benefits and maintain my work-life balance. Hardest part was finding like-minded people
  • Good Place to work.
    Worked at Coilcraft for 23 years so it wasn’t a bad place to work. Liked the coworkers enjoyed coming into work. Liked that it was in town and just a short distance to work. They have Profit Sharing,401 K,sick and personal days. At times it was hard to pin point problems at the machine and only allowed 15 minutes to fix it before we were to get a Mechanic to look at it.
  • Best place I ever worked
    Coilcraft is a GREAT place to work. All of the people are helpful and will work with you to accomplish your goals. It may look like a small company ....but it is a global powerhouse when it comes to what they specialize in.
  • Good place to work
    My experience at Coilcraft was working a few summers as an intern. I ended up working in multiple areas, assisting with projects in Purchasing, Engineering, Docs Control and the shipping dock.
  • Fun fast paced environment
    Great place to work, overall an excellent company. A typical day goes very fast because you are constantly moving. Mostly deals with receiving incoming orders, packaging product, and shipping it. It is a friendly environment and everyone is very friendly and kind.
  • Not there long enough
    I never formed any opinions on the company personally.I spent a great deal of time assisting in the development of a line that they just canceled. All my skills and achievements went for nothing.
  • very good compant that takes care of employees
    Coilcraft was great at making employees feel recognized. they made sure that the employee was comfortable with the workplace. excellent supervising team that kept workflow running smoothly.
  • nice place to work
    I worked at Coilcraft in Cary, IL as an electronic/lab technician for 17 years. Through my unique types of work experiences, I have worked directly with customers and engineers to help them with developing new products and improving old ones. This wonderful job opportunity will be truly missed due to continuing my career.
  • Having working at the same company over 30 years, I should prove this company is a great place to work for.
    Coilcraft is a great company to work with if you are a hard worker. The company provides safe environment with great benefits. Check their website, you would know better about this company.
  • work was fun and people were friendly.
    Built parts and samples for clients. typed data tested parts electronically.
  • Fun Place, No Advancement, Bad Pay
    It is a fun place to work and the people are nice, but there is absolutely no advancement without a degree, the pay is terrible for the amount of work you have to do, and HR is always on you for the smallest of things.
  • Stable
    Love this place but human resources did not deal with the human side of employees.
  • Fun workplace
    Plenty of training but little advancement opportunities.
  • Repetative motiion
    Received boxes and sepearated contendents, checked were they came from restored on the floor the shipmemt that was going out.

Coilcraft, Inc. employees

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