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  • St. Albans, VT , , United States

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  • (802) 527-7726


  • mechanical or industrial engineering


  • ["grade a lava","msz","grade quotaquot lava","ytzp","cordierite","metrology","mullite","technical ceramics","porous ceramics","998 alumina","zta","alumina","powder preparation","98 alumina","96 alumina","995 alumina","steatite","forsterite"]
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Superior Technical Ceramics Reviews

  • Very good place to work
    In general its not a bad place to work. The benefits are really exceptional, they are flexible with vacation time or any hours missed you can make up. What i dont like is there is an old fashioned culture. Not a lot of open-minded thinking and sometimes leaders dont communicate well. Attitudes are mostly good but there is more than a few downers.
  • Overall good experience
    I was able to cross train on different things so I became more valuable as an employee. They treat you very well there, the benefits are great and the people there are very welcoming and eager to help when needed. The only issue I had was the compensation for work wasn’t as great as it could be but they’re still in the process of making a lot of changes so anything can change.
  • Very fast-paced company with productive and friendly associates
    Working at Superior Technical Ceramics taught me a lot about the importance of working well under stress along with being able to work well within a team environment. Management was very forthcoming and appreciative of the work and knowledge of the employees.
  • The people that work there are very noce
    They have some management issues, they are not very good at listening to their employees. Some areas their goals are unobtainable, or set to high. It is fast paced which I enjoyed.
  • Productive workplace with good people
    I enjoy a the relaxed environment and my ability to be in charge of my own work. Full of good people and smart people. Although management are usually very friendly people, I feel they are not always looking at the big picture when it comes to production. I Have however learned a lot from the company and my mentors. I feel i have built a great set of skills working here.
  • company only recognizes skills they hired you specifically for.
    This is not a company you can roll into a basic job position and work up the ladder and truly take advantage of ALL your skills. Very shallow review of your abilities - shallow range of Job responsibility. Vacation/Sick time is on the very very low end. Flex time is not an option and making up hours instead of using vacation time is a fire-able offense.
  • Very nice people with occasional pizza parties
    if you enjoy doing focusing on doing your work this is a good place to be. People are nice, can get along well with them. Good place to start
  • Great Place to Work
    Great place to work! I love it here and they have been great to me, my family, and of course my co-workers. Highly recommend working at Superior! If you are in Franklin County, Superior provides all the opportunities that Chittendon employers offer - without all that extra traveling!
  • Good stepping stone
    Always room to move up. Never really got the opportunity. Started nights where there is a lack of training and felt like i was no longer learning. Great benefits and employees
  • Interesting work in mixed industries
    The components and assemblies at Superior Technical Ceramics are made for a wide variety of industries. The processes are unique to ceramics and degrees of precision vary. Producing them is a blend of science and art.
  • Productive place
    STC is a good place to work. You have freedom to do things you like as long they are aligned with Companies growth directive. Overall a positive environment
  • Small company with big company benefits
    Superior Technical Ceramics makes ceramic parts for various functions and operations. Easygoing work environment. They offer a competitive benefits package.
  • Good place to work
    benefits are great , learned something new everyday. very fair management team. a lot of opportunity to grow and learn. hardest part of the job was learning the various materials
  • They do amazing work with ceramic materials. Located in a beautiful area of Vermont
    industrial ceramics job shop producing components for the oil, paper and electronics industries.

Superior Technical Ceramics employees

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