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  • 16802 Aston Street, Irvine, CA 92606, US , , United States

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  • (800) 557-1449


  • information technology and services


  • ["connected cars","gps","fleet management","real time gps fleet monitoring services","automotive gps solutons","fleet","asset management","trailer management","workforce management","connected car","gps vehicle tracking","and enterprise fleet management"]
  • website:http://www.spireon.com
  • facebook:http://www.facebook.com/SpireonCorporate
  • twitter:http://twitter.com/spireon
  • linkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/company/2536567

Spireon Reviews

  • Positive experience with great people.
    Great place to work. I liked the the flexibility of the position and the team first attitude and culture. It was a great experience to work there and great things for them in the future.
  • Keep Looking
    Perhaps for engineers and the like, Spireon is a great place to work. But, if you are looking to go into sales for Spireon, just be prepared to be ripped off, like so many others have said on this board.
  • Great place if you are fake!
    Their rules change like the wind, The staff is always low because of their policies toward employees. People quit and walk out just days after training. Only a good place to work if latino.
  • Spireon
    This is a call center so there are many people speaking at once. You have superiors in meetings constantly. They environment is very nice and overall it was a great experience.
  • Excellent company
    Overall good company, but no promotions. Good team work and great product. excellent work life balance , salary is on the upper side. sad they never promote anybody, u are stuck in the same position for good
  • Workplace
    This is an average place to work. People were nice and got along with each other. Do have to say that some of the upper management team was rude. Loved mt work hours.
  • Mass Changes
    Work environment was always changing. Paid time off is good Benefits are good have good vision and dental Co workers are nice Small office space Always changing management
  • Lots of Opportunity
    Overall we are expanding and moving in another direction but nothing that is immediate. There is a year to 3 years of wait to fill any position with different compensation. If you continue working here there may not be advancement opportunities no matter how hard you work or how well you do your job.
  • Spireon
    I started with the company as a new start up. Was very interesting work and to many changes in short period of time that affect pay compensation often
  • Was a decent place to work
    Decided to lay off all the outside sales force on the first of august after obtaining obscene raises in quotas. (from june to july mine went up 81%.)
  • N/a
    Fast paced, innovative and constant change environment. I have had 4.5 years of success here and look forward to many more.
  • My Day
    Coming to work on-time Be ready to work Team player Self Motivated Honest Dependable I am always willing to help anyone Management was always willing to assist with advancement
  • Good Company
    It was a Contract position to clean up credit card payment. When I left the company all Credit cards were up to date and current.

Spireon employees

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