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  • 10 Xibeiwang East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, Beijing 100085, CN , , China

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  • (855) 253-6686


  • information technology and services


  • ["computers","servers","data center","smartphones","tablets","services","software","smart home","vr","and ar"]
  • website:http://www.lenovo.com
  • facebook:http://www.facebook.com/Lenovo
  • twitter:http://twitter.com/lenovo
  • linkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/company/3653

Lenovo Reviews

  • Too many hidden agendas
    When I first started, this was a pretty good place to work. Annual team outings, annual site outings, flexible hours and such. After a couple of changes of the guard up top though, there seemed to be a lot of hidden agendas, micro-managing and just lack of clear direction for this site. Then, there was the changes at the executive level that just seemed to add to the chaos. Ultimately, it turned into just another job. Sad because there is a lot of potential.
  • Multi-cultural working environment and flexible working hours
    Lenovo is a global company where provides a fantastic multi-cultural working environment. Not only that, it allows flexible working hours which helps with work-life balance.
  • Great opporunity
    Wonderful company to work for. Terrific work/life balance, plenty of advancement opportunities, supportive management, excellent compensation, and fun work culture.
  • Challenging culture attempting to find its way
    Lenovo is a very large company with many shifting strategies that seem to conflict at times. Communication continues to be a challenge and there is a lack of collaboration across organizations at times..
  • Great place for those wanting to understand true International Business
    Build what I can an East Brain and West Brain was critical learning at Lenovo. For a marketer it is invaluable. Lenovo is very focused on Geographic region. They still make mistakes of less mature companies, but it is basically like working at a well-funded startup.
  • great place to work
    difficult learning curve at first but if you are eager to learn you will have the support of your team and manager. learn the culture and go with it if you want to excel and grow
  • Upper management needs to reaccess company values
    A lot of good employees work at Lenovo, but management does play favorites and more often than not high management is uninformed, misinformed, and takes sides without getting all the facts. Overall, the people are easy to work with for the most part I made a lot of new friends who I miss dearly.
  • You will be cared as long as you listen to leadership
    - subject says it all.. - Innovation is welcome only in a very small business group - There are few great leaders, but there are few others who have lots of politics and ego left in them
  • Built experience
    Completely depends what dept/team you work for/with. Some depts operated far differently than others. The company went through alot of changes/downsized and therefor the culture took a hit.
  • Focus PC Company
    Lenovo offers great opportunity. Lenovo is a product company and makes great products. Key to success at Lenovo is to find and impress decision makers and business owners.
  • work
    I worked for lenove for 2 years it was a great experience for me. It is a good place to work but no opportunity there, and more you do not get a raise there.
  • Awesome
    I was allowed to participate in all the ongoing projects to gain insights and learn new skills. The environment was calm and the location was beautiful.
  • Very diverse culture is a big +, but management behavior accountability is missing
    Lenovo offers a positive atmosphere, and follows some of the periodic company events that follow the IBM model for engagement. There are many opportunities for career learning courses. However, it is easy to be deceived by the nice office space.
  • good company trying to become great
    good company filled with talented people. Leadership team remains in flux. Good culture. Customer-centric company. Willing to add external talent and to promote from within.
  • no integrity
    I have worked here for years. There is no employee loyalty. Lots of bad managers just out for themselves. Nepotism is rife which impacts careers. Avoid if you can.

Lenovo employees

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