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Meritek Electronics Corporation

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  • 5160 Rivergrade Rd, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, USA , , United States

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  • (626) 373-1728


  • electrical/electronic manufacturing


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Meritek Electronics Corporation Reviews

  • Excellent
    This is an excellent company. Everything is good! Lots of talent people gather here! Don’t believe others words! They gave bad comments just because they are not good enough!
  • Good colleagues, bad management
    You need to grow and learn on your own. tons of documentation, and never seem to be satisfied with documentation, but all those for used with later hires, no experience to train others and can retain very little talent.
  • Productive and fun workplace
    Great place to work at for a summer job. They got great employees that are very friendly. A typical day would be just assembling the project in a room full of other workers.
  • Intership
    OK experience but underpaid. Repetitive work and no room for growth. The work consist of warehouse work and not fit for engineers or the sort
  • It could be a memorial experience for anyone
    I can learn a lot and always challenge myself on something new. Co-workers are super nice, and we have a great working atmosphere.
  • Dictator-style management
    Dictator-style management speaks all. The management is arrogant, shows no respect to employees unless asking for favors. Company culture is conservative, impossible to advance a career in this company. Compensation is under average, limited benefit. Stay away from this company if you had other opportunity.
  • Easy Job, low salary
    Many nice colleagues, the job is easy, and thus the salary is low. It`s a good place for entry-level jobs. For those experienced people , i dont recommend it.
  • OK Company
    Poor management that business owners would like to take advantage of employees, and business operation has no strategy at all. No real career advance available.
  • Fun workplace with basketbal court
    A typical day at work: test and fix electronics What you learned: read schematics, troubleshooting, test PCBA, documentation, repair Management: helpful but demanding Your co-workers: they were funny and helpful The hardest part of the job: meeting deadlines on time The most enjoyable part of the job: being independent and responsible for your own work

Meritek Electronics Corporation employees

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