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  • 2727 Paces Ferry Road SE, Building One, Suite 1500, Atlanta, Georgia 30339, US , , United States

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  • (877) 725-7500


  • logistics and supply chain


  • ["intelligent intralogistics","material handling solutions","material handling equipment","products","conveyors","dematic multishuttle","dematic rapidpick","miniloads","pallet as","rs","sorters","solutions for sap ewm","and dematic iq software"]
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Dematic Reviews

  • Good overall Company.
    A 100% travel situation which can be taxing at times. Learned a lot both professionally and personally. Definitely a growing industry, Warehouse Automation.
  • Better ways to work with people
    Over all it was a nice safe place to work they just need people in lead positions to be more responsible for the people that does the work for them and acknowledge people who do good work
  • Basic
    Dematic is a good place to work. I have had many opportunities to be a leader and fulfill managerial work. Dematic has been through ups and downs during my time there, but I love my job and that makes it worth it.
  • Great company to work and travel for if you are willing to do so.
    Dematic is a great company to work for. They have taken care of me these past six years. I am just at a point in my life where I need to settle down and not travel as much.
  • always out of town
    no work life balance you work 6 to 7 days a week 12 hours a day your in mississippi today atlanta the next day then new york 7days after that also working all holidays on a forever changing shifts
  • travel
    You get asked to travel a lot, but it gets you exposed to the processes and people that you need to know for success. Working at a big company earns you a lot of experience.
  • Revolving door
    I worked here as a safety for over a year, it was a stressful adventure paying my own hotel and car rentals I never saw a penny. Worst experience to go through but learned a lot about the industry.
  • Also went in to work with a good mind set and great management and coworkers
    I left Dematic because I wanted to go my own rout and go self contract but coworkers and supervisors where good and didn’t have problems with any body
  • Collaborative atmosphere makes for a great place to work
    Dematic is making strides at providing a phenomenal work environment for employees. They highly encourage new ideas and innovation on a daily basis. Each day I show up to a positive team atmosphere and there is always a lot of work.
  • Poor management
    Lack of employee support. Senior management considered "off limits" most times and work ethic and experience means very little in the end. Too much politics and stifling of ideas.
  • Dematic is no longer in business.
    I loved my job. The work was very hard, but it paid well. They had a union that had your back if you ran into problems. It was a good and fair place to work, and I learned a lot.
  • Products made well
    Would of liked to been hired in too the tech center , great staff , enjoyed being part of the company., Looking for full time time , worked a year an no option to be hired in .
  • Fast pace environment
    If I could have stayed at Dematic I would have I love the company. Great people and a great process in place I learned a lot at this company. I was able to work in different areas and make a difference.
  • not a good place to work
    unfairness/discrimination/under paid/no communication with management/ facility not clear/ safety hazards daily/ not allowed to talk/do not have freedom of speech when having meetings

Dematic employees

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