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  • 3478 Buskirk Ave # 215, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523, EE. UU. , , United States

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  • (925) 930-0902


  • accounting


  • ["information security pci services","tax","audit","accountants","financial services","payroll services","professional services","tax services"]
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Maze & Associates Reviews

  • Great Experience
    From the moment I begun working at maze and associates I have felt challenged and I am always learning something new. At maze and associates you will gain knowledge in every type of accounting cycle.
  • Productive and welcoming workplace
    A typical day at work was constantly busy, which I actually loved because I love keeping busy and constantly am looking for new tasks to complete. I learned a lot of computer skills and how to deal with customers on a different level than what I had already known with my customer service experience in the restaurant industry. The management was an absolute delight and I never was afraid to ask too many questions because they recognized that was just to help me do the job the best way possible. The hardest part of the job was cushioning the stress between the clients and the accountants because when peoples money is being dealt with by someone they consider a virtual stranger, tensions seem to run quite high and the person answering the phone tends to absorb the brunt of that. Though that was tough, it still was not the worst thing I could imagine coming across in any workplace, and my calming nature and empathy for the clients aided me greatly. The most enjoyable part of the job was definitely the environment, my colleagues, and actually most of the clients were very appreciative and made it an overall delight to work at Maze and Associates.

Maze & Associates employees

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