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  • 159 Swanson Rd, Boxborough, MA 01719, EE. UU. , , United States

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  • (800) 257-3872


  • electrical/electronic manufacturing


  • ["pressure transducers","humidity transmitters","current switches","transducers","submersible transducers","calibration equipment","room monitoring devices","gauge pressure","absolute pressure","vacuum pressure","compound pressure","barometric pressure"]
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Setra Systems Reviews

  • productive work place
    Maintain the machine and the build in perfect condition for people work. As working in daily base you learning how to get batter and efficient in every thing you do for better production and quality.
  • standoffish co-workers
    If you do not work in that dept people are standoffish, lack of interaction with co-workers, people are uncomfortable with management, unhappy and disgruntle coworkers
  • Lower pay, poor culture, poor communication, poor saftey, brain drain, nepatism, English as a second language
    Lower pay, poor culture, poor communication, poor saftey, brain drain, nepatism, English as a second language, poor raises, no bonus, poor Christmas parties and company events, very cheap, employ many low skilled production workers highs turn over, favoritism
  • Produtive, funy place for work, wonderfull co-worker.
    Good place for working, health place, co-worker are friendly, sometimes we had celebration. They are very fair, appreciate your hard work, flexible.
  • typical day
    Typical day included entering orders (daily goal and tracker) taking all incoming calls for assigned territory working with sales reps on their specific accounts coordinating with warehouse / assembly floor on shipping and delays of orders basic knowledge of HVAC equipment
  • Continuous Improvement
    Great place to learn; high performance team with opportunity for professional growth. I joined a few years ago and have been able to learn from many people who have over 20+ years experience.
  • Great place to work and grow a career
    Since joining Setra I have been actively involved with continuous improvement, it is rare to be part of a company that truly lives up to the ethics they have written on paper.
  • Managment is horrible and it is disorganized
    Not a good environment and leads does not know how to handle certain situations professionally.Training is very bad the group leaders and supervisor does not give complete training and expect you to know everything without explaining the work
  • Productive
    Productive but there us no position to grow Job place needs more caring for the employees Barely interact with discussions on the product Place needs to be updated
  • great place to work
    Held many positions there .I started there as a young man and worked there for more than 25 yrs. Company started by 2 brothers (former M.I.T. professors) First hired as a machinist then progress to shop foreman then to r & d machinist working closely with owners.The Company was sold and new owners decided to make many changes It was no longer a family run business Layoff followed

Setra Systems employees

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