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SMK Electronics Reviews

  • Lack of advancement
    I being at SMK for many years and had done and excellent job but if you do not have manager refers to Japan, you do not advance for higher position and title change
  • Difficult at best with language barrier
    When I joined the USA operation we had a small office with a staff of 9. I started as the Distributor Sales Manager and grew to become the Vice President of the American operation. We acquired 2 companies and grew to a size of more than 200 employees. I left to relocate to the Pacific NW.
  • Great
    The crew is great and they are always willing to help on your task. They are great working as a team. A typical day at my work is sorting the mail, preparing coffee, asking the employees for any task they need help with.
  • Great People
    SMK Electronics is a company that looks out for their employees. They allow the Sales Administrative Assistants to take necessary time off and even get the privilege of traveling to see customers when needed along with the Sales Reps. Overall a great company.
  • no place to move up
    this company does not offer the ability to move up. The pay is very low and the quality of management is poor.
  • As long as you are doing your job there is nothing to worry about
    Doing better job than yesterday is a fulfillment day. I learned a lot of things making my career so meaningful and productive. Internal Auditing Courses for TS 16949;2009, Advance Trainers Training Program, Occupational Safety and Health, Technical Course on Company-Wide Equipment Maintenance, ISO14001;2004 Documentation, ISO14001;1996 Internal Audit, First Aid Training are just part of training courses provided by the company which make my employment more meaningful and productive. Hardest part of the Job is transferring to another department to trouble shoot working force and improve working attitude, productivity failure and quality issues but turning all negative aspect into positive outcome is quite fulfilling at the end. The most enjoyable part of the job is being recognize with your ability and skills and being promoted and well compensated.
  • A place to work and pick up a paycheck before moving on to a better opportunity
    Many positions are administrative in nature, even the sales staff generally works in the office. There is very little training and education is to be learned by the individual. Management is typical Japanese style, managers rotate in and out from Japan with little direction and support. Most coworkers are there to pick up a paycheck before moving on to a better opportunity. Self motivation is definitely needed at SMK for employees hoping for longevity and professional improvement. Not a lot of overtime is required.

SMK Electronics employees

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