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  • Torino, TO , , Italy

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  • +39 011 481 5111


  • research


  • ["embedded system","research & technology transfer","internet of things","networking","digital television","internet of data"]
  • website:http://www.csp.it
  • facebook:http://facebook.com/cspscarl
  • twitter:http://www.twitter.com/cspinnovazione
  • linkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/company/csp

CSP Reviews

  • Great place to work with great people. Ample time to move up the ladder along with great benefits
    Would recommend working there if you want a quality factory job. Good pay with good hours. Great people with a for sure down the line future options. As long as you work your best and stay safe. Time flys by in a good way with no worries at the end of the day
  • Racist Company
    Easy job, gives you time for medical appointments. However, a lot of employees are homophobic, racist and they have no problem telling you their point of view. Nothing gets done about it so you either stand up or get bull dozed.
  • Working at CSP Salisbury NC
    The job was 5 or 6 days a week 10 hour shifts. There was no flexibility to give time off. I got sick and had to miss work due to it and had been fired because I had no points left to take off with. Most of the managers over all were nice and seemed to care. I did not feel There was Room for advancement opportunities within the company. They definitely should hire someone for continuous improvement.
  • great place to work
    i liked working at csp it was my cirst factory job.it is very fast paced. i was trained very well. i liked the people i worked with. they have great benefits. they also offer ways of moving up into better positions.
  • Sucks poor managment
    Poor work ethics not held responsible for letting people go they dont care about how good of a worker you are but they have a point system thats really bad.
  • Slow steady easy working
    This was a pretty excellent job it was slow steady Pace but the only thing was working 70 something hours a week was stressful not having time for anyting it seemed pointless but in the end it would have paid out
  • A typical day at work was very easy for me i stay to myself and listen to directions and ask question and get the job done.
    A typical day at work was very easy I stayed to myself and got the job done at a very fast pace but also made sure it was done right, I made sure my area was always clean and made sure my work area was always ready for the next shift.
  • Positive and motived co workers fun environment, good work hours
    Great job very hands on great pay and hours and a good chance an advancement international work paid rooming including lunches fun and positive co workers.
  • It was alright
    Work place really isnt concerned about your health when you get to your 3rd point youre terminated they also dont take dr s notes or excuses the point system is messed up
  • Decent place...just extremely hot
    Not a bad place to work, they offer alot of great benefits...but it is extremely hot and currently on 7 days 12 HR shifts...which is hard to do when you have children
  • Excellent
    The job was very laid back and excellent work area, the work wasnt hard and was very well explained when learning new areas. I would recommend to anyone looking
  • Good job
    Good working payin job a great appertunity for younger people to get on their feet quick learning pace great workers all together a good job. I would recommend it to many
  • My experience
    My experience at csp was that there was poor management, favoritism. There is also good points, I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I like putting out a good product.
  • What you see is what you get
    Same old factory. Injection mold presses some small some big. Most of the people are nice. It’s a plus if you understand and or speak Spanish . Most of the parts are small.
  • Productive
    I liked working there very much. Productive workplace. Attractive surroundings. Fast paced, enjoyable. All coworkers and managers were very attentive and helpful.
  • Friendly environment
    My typical work day was Monday thu Friday weekend was over time. Surfing hoods, is something I learned. One thing I liked there was, helping people out the best I could.
  • Fun work place
    Its a real good place to work at good cool people to be around as a team in the work place good sanction at all times in the work place and safety is definitely a first
  • You’re replaceable
    They don’t care about you or the equipment you use. Preventive maintenance is nonexistent. Wait for it to break down and cause long hours of downtime and then blame the employees and make you work overtime. It’s an every day occurrence that equipment breaks down. They commit to customers outrageous demands that can’t be met with p!ss poor equipment. They lie to your face and HR there is a complete joke. HR will send you packing n crying with no remorse or care for what you have said. They can not keep ppl and the turn around is awful because of how they treat people. Safety is a JOKE! Don’t trust that man at all. I could go on and on but I think I’ve made my point. One of the best paying jobs in Huntington but not worth losing your wellbeing, life or stressing all the time.

CSP employees

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