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  • Kristiansand , , Norway

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  • +47 990 90 162


  • information technology and services


  • ["cloud","voice biometrics","internet of things","big data"]
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Valero Reviews

  • I was able to work without issue
    The time I spent here was fun there was small disagreements but it was okay nothing too impactful management was also helpful in many ways when it was needed
  • no pressure work enviorment
    very good company to work for. would recommend to all interested. great way to develop leadership skills and problem solving skills. opening drawer count and closing drawer count is very important to insure register cash count is correct.
  • Franchise owned
    Very interesting place to work. I did love that it was right next to my house and then I could walk there if I absolutely needed to. It was a very slow store, so I appreciated that they let me work on my online classes while I was there
  • Great boss
    My boss was a great person unfortunately employees tend to not show up on time for others to clock out. Miami is not much a a good place to find good responsible workers
  • What you learned
    What I have learned from working here is to take things as they come and not to rush anything. The people I have worked with here are very helpful and caring about all of their coworkers.
  • I would not reccomend this job for anyone
    The owner treats him workers horrible. He promises things like 401 K and vacation time, then never comes through with anything. You are never granted personal time. The owner expects too much from his employees. He was also without a district manager and expected the store to run without all of the supplies we needed, an d.c. when there were complaints from customers, the employee is who ho in trouble
  • Horrible production manager
    It amazes me that corporate is fine with the extreme turnover due to the pitiful production manager. The plant manager and others are good guys, yet they allow the terrible management. Work here for a few months and you will become targeted and fired. The production manager admittedly enjoys firing people he simply dislikes. Unemployment money is nice and almost guaranteed with how they treat people here
  • Good: promotions. Bad: schedule
    Great advancement opportunities, great salary, great people to work with. Tough schedule flip flopping from days to nights, making hard on the body. Opportunity to learn not just process Units but also skills such as Instrumentation or Electrical duties. There’s also possibilities to become members of the Fire Department, rescue team, etc
  • Good summer job
    Worked at Valero during high school and was a good job. Flexible hours and good work . Management was very good and training paid off. Checks came in weekly .
  • Management the store
    Meet with new people everyday it make the day beautiful. Put smile on the face for all the customers its interesting. Speak aboht the new product on market with a good way and let the customers purchased.
  • loved it
    easily trained, well mannered and very understanding, everyone there was so amazing and so polite and tried to show me the ropes and were all very patient with me
  • Great place to work and very fast paced
    I had the early morning shift and I worked behind the register and also in the kitchen helping cook food. I learned how to manage preparing food and cleanliness in the work place, stocking, making sure the customers were taken care off. Its a great place that is always busy and keeps you on your feet.
  • Highly Bureaucratic
    Good Benefits, job itself not hard, upper management has some issues. no room for advancement, have to be buddies with management to get promoted within
  • They were an excellent company to work for wish it would have been closer to home would have stayed
    The work environment was good all the guys in the shop worked together and the company had good benefits the company would furnished all the tools that you need to complete your job

Valero employees

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