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  • N120 W19434 Freistadt Road, Germantown, WI 53022, Verenigde Staten , , United States

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  • (262) 251-6660


  • electrical/electronic manufacturing


  • ["aftermarket product design","manufacturing & design","development","manufacture & testing of custom lighting solutions for oem customers","local services"]
  • website:http://www.jwspeaker.com
  • facebook:https://www.facebook.com/jwspeaker
  • twitter:https://twitter.com/JWSpeaker
  • linkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/company/145077

J.W. Speaker Corporation Reviews

  • Great Culture
    JWSpeaker has an amazing culture very friendly family oriented work place.The company is well maintained very organized, not your typical manufacturer. The JWS leaders are all about growth opportunities and constantly encourage there teammates to strive for greatness.
  • Job isn’t worth it! Toxic environment!
    This company/ upper management only cares about themselves . They constantly have employees on MANDATORY overtime Monday-Friday with mandatory Saturdays. Which they don’t properly pay you for overtime. They only allow you 3 points and if you go over 1 point you’re not eligible for ANYTHING. Meaning no raise or yearly bonus. This company is selfish and all about themselves they don’t care about the employees. You only receive two breaks one 10min and one 15min. There is a lot of favoritism in both buildings. If you are sick and bring a doctors excuse in to hr you will still have to use your sick and personal time or receive points. This company makes up a lot of rules that are boarder line illegal and no other company have. The turn over rate is very high , always new people because they don’t value their employees!
  • Rich in Innovation, Poor in Leadership
    J.W. Speaker strives to stay ahead of the technological curve. They have made great strides in the lighting industry and will continue to do so. Poor communication between departments and leadership caused a lot of wasted time and resources.
  • Asssembler
    Assembly headlights for motorcycles and sports cars , every day was a different scenario in the line and I enjoy working in a group . we make sure the job was done accurate and right for the customer.
  • Your usual challenge
    its fast paced, but they train you to detail of how to do the job. takes time to get used to everything but you eventually pick up the trainig and it will get easier.
  • good people not enough work or stuff to do outside.
    I helped clean things however they ran out of stuff all the time without any extra plans for the next day running out of hours and needed more hours for money.
  • Meh Thinks not
    Job culture is terrible. Breaks are well not really breaks, but you should be happy being able to shove a granola bar in your mouth while you run to your break. But hey your paid so you should be happy eating your bar while you quickly bathroom then run back to your work station. Mind numbing monkey work, if you enjoy being a drone this is for you. Old biddies who sit all day at their work stations thinking about how to make others as miserable as they are. Expect to listen to music from other langages all shift, but hey dont complain because you are racist for wanting to listen to english music.Perfect work for you to go brain dead. Oh and you cant afford to buy what you make and never will at this place. Have a banana.
  • stable
    enables financial stability, wire dept, assembly floor, wiring lighting fixtures for automotive, recreational, motorcycles, farming equip...etc. Diverse people and personalities. Nothing is difficult to do, very structured and spelled out.... loved the early start times
  • Great place
    Jw speaker works at a really fast pace. The co workers are very friendly. The hardest part was adapting to the loud noise. The part I enjoy the most is looking at my finish pieces
  • The problem with this place are your coworkers and management.
    The physical labor is easy, the pay is good, but bad management. People of color will begin as temps and work anywhere from 6 months to a year before getting hired on. Caucasians will begin hired or get chosen for promotion without much effort.
  • productive yes they have foosball
    Daily meeting, kanban lean, fast pace, rates are a little too high but manageable. Hardest part of the job conflicting information on process sheets and not having materials to get jobs done. Most enjoyable part of the job is the family atmosphere.
  • quick paced
    In a typical day you will work 3 stations and one will be a metalizer, and you will have to inspect parts to make sure they pass standards. Some of the machines that you work on will have parts that come out faster than others, you can also be managing up to 3 machines at a time at one of the stations. The management was accommodating to employee needs, the short breaks and concrete floor can cause some discomfort in your knees.
  • No commet
    Had a great time working at speaker for 7 years learning new jobs and meeting new people. Work with alot of ME on new jobs and training other peoples. Love working in a fast pace job to keep me busy.
  • Great company that is changing the game in lighting technology!
    The company is an excellent place to grow your career in many different areas from manufacturing to engineering to marketing. The culture transformation is alive and well and is empowering the workforce to make impactful business decisions. The company is expanding its buildings into a campus style setting which will create an engaging environment with state of the art facilities. Overall the company is on the right trajectory and looking for top talent to grow its business.
  • Good opportunity for allot of overtime.
    Overall i enjoyed working for JW Speaker. 4 years i was able to get a very good experience. The hardest part of my job had to be dealing with the everyday issues with our robots. We were the only line dealing with automation. Hitting rate most of the time had to do if we en-contoured any issues with robots, automation. If everything ran good then your day was great. Rate on our line was pretty high but most of the time it was doable.
  • Fun hard working company
    I enjoyed working at JW Speaker. It was a friendly company and very close to home. The work was challenging and very interesting. I enjoyed the facility it was clean and comfortable. Management was good from what the permanent employees said. I was a contract to hire employee for a specific project that got canceled.
  • Productive
    A busy day, I learned how to read a blue print to build head lights. Learned how to solder wires to LED pc boards. Management is pretty good the boss care for their associates. The hardest part about the job would be to hit rate on difficult jobs and trying to get all the jobs out that schedule with the problems that may come. The most enjoyable part about the job would be the relationships you build while working on different cells and the different jobs to learn while doing so.

J.W. Speaker Corporation employees

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