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Minco Products, Inc

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  • 7300 Commerce Ln, Minneapolis, MN 55432, USA , , United States

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  • (763) 571-3121


  • electrical/electronic manufacturing


  • ["thermal solutions","temperature sensors","flex circuits","temperature controllers & instrumentation","engineering expertise"]
  • website:http://www.minco.com
  • facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mincoproducts/
  • twitter:https://twitter.com/MincoProducts
  • linkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/company/27538

Minco Products, Inc Reviews

  • Good place to work but poor, inconsistent management
    Great culture, but management is lacking in consistently and concern for the employees. If you are not well liked they will work hard to remove you from your position.
  • Opportunities are there
    Minco is a pretty busy place. There are plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement, however it also depends on your supervisor/manager. There are some great ones and some pretty bad ones. If you land with one of the good ones, you will have a good time working there.
  • One of the best places to work
    One of the best places to work in contemporary America. An environment that promotes career advancement and other opportunities for desired employees who are passionate about career growth.
  • Minco Products, Inc. Engineer
    Its been over 4 years since I have worked at Minco Products so some of this may have changed. Honestly, the people at the company were very good. The main problem that I had was the ownership and annual performance bonuses that did not make sense.
  • Exciting Opportunities but poor leadership
    The company is family owned and run by the son of the original founder. The owner is often cheap and provides very little leadership, direction, or support. The company is very strong at the employee worker level, with a lot of great people that consistently go above and beyond their job duties. However there is very little support or direction from above.
  • Minco
    Lots of miscommunication. Overtime when I was still a fulltime college student. No work life balance, no room for advancement. Little pay and bonuses.
  • Positive Work Environment, Friendly Staff and Coworkers
    I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested, the employees are friendly and courteous. The workplace culture in the administrative area of Accounting is comfortable and there are always things to celebrate, including Staff appreciation days, Birthdays, Holidays, and other significant days. The friends I made working here were the best and most enjoyable part of the job.
  • Manangement no focus or direction.
    No clear cut plan for revenue generation. Goals and objectives in flux no decision makers. No training. There are great people there but, are under the thumb of managers/supervisor can not think on their own with job direction, production goals, scrap reduction. Fire fighting is a daily occurrence, no one allows or seems to want to do root cause and fix issues and put them to bed. Talk the quality talk but, not the quality walk $ before quality. Process out of control and no line stoppage.
  • Enjoyed my job. Left many wonderful people there.
    Very busy scheduling jobs for production. Hardest part of job was scheduling acquired amount of jobs per day. Some jobs were more complex to schedule than others. The most enjoyable part was scheduling new product jobs.
  • Good Company to work for
    The company offers good pay and comfortable work environment. Good incentives . I learned a variety of skills Good work enviroment
  • fun and enjoyable workplace
    My day would start out getting orders to package and ship through either UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, or any other carrier the customer may use, domestic/international. I had a great manager who was always looking out for you. My co-workers were very likable and fun to work with. The most challenging part of the job I would say would have been figuring out how to package something that exceeded our standard box sizes. The most enjoyable part of my job would have been being around the people I worked with.
  • Medical equipments
    Learn how medical equipment are put together piece by piece. Everyone in this company work together as a team. We get to work in several different areas.
  • good work place.
    good company. good place would recommend people to work there. good leadership team. management could improve more and communication also.
  • Good place to work at.
    Minco is a good place to at. The people are friendly. The products are easy to build. Management cares about their employees.
  • great place to work
    Very relaxed environment to work people there are great to work with
  • productive and fun workplace
    I liked to be able to build something from nothing to the end it test it ship it.

Minco Products, Inc employees

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