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PlumChoice Reviews

  • Terrible place to work
    Long hours with no with little to know escalation support. Management would often leave to fend for yourself with customers. Worklife balance is not a thing, they expect you to work as much as you possibly can with no regards to your personal life.
  • Nice working from home but the company was only about$
    Would not recommend working for the company if you want advancement. Working from home was amazing but not being able to control the incoming calls created a loss of revenue for myself.
  • Working for home is awesome
    A work from home position that was fairly easy. I enjoyed working there even though the salary left much to be desired. The people I worked with were awesome as well.
  • Friendly Work Environment
    Strong introduction into the field of engineering. Daily work consisted of documenting various test cases in order for communication to run smoothly when testing.
  • Overworked , you have to be a jack of all trades
    company servicing many account and employee is required to learn many positions and be a jack of all trades. Technician get overwhelmed with scripts , sales quotas and sop changes from sup to sup.
  • work from home position
    this was a work from home position that went permanent but was constantly heavily scrutinized as it was a support position for another much larger company. loved the team i was a part of and others on different teams but disliked the fact that managers could shove active cases in your que that others were working at will without any notice and still required that you work them within your 8 hour shift. No over time was allowed at all. that aside the people were awesome the metrics were fair. it was easy to do the job if you had even a little tecnical ability and with it being work from home there really were no major complaints.
  • Good remote company
    Compensation could be better. Top heavy in the management area. Less sessions per agent would create better resolutions for the customer. Overall there is a sweat shop type working style that makes it interesting and also overwhelming at times.
  • Remote support job that can be difficult at times
    A typical day is to remote into the remote server, clock in, and start your day. Remote work was done with Bomgar and was useful in resolving issues. A lot of the work that was done was malware removal on both PCs and Macs. Printers were also needed to be fixed as well. Management sometimes was supportive depending on the issue. The most difficult part of the job was getting customers to follow directions in resetting network settings. The most enjoyable part of the job was chatting with other employees throughout the day.
  • Plumchoice does value it employees
    I say this because, in comparison to other remote support companies, such as and others, we are paid around 50% more. And with the recent 401k match, that equates to even more. Management is finding more and more incentives to encourage our team to do even more. The leadership has become very supportive and I, personally have grown. I am actually glad to be a member of the "new" Plumchoice team
  • Great Management Team
    The management team works hard to maintain a balanced work place. We are a fast paced environment and Plumchoice provides training and coaching. They really work hard to make us part of the company by accepting our inputs. They are consistently seeking new work opportunities for us to keep us employed.
  • Quick but interesting place.
    It was a fun but extremely fast-paced job. Everything is monitored and it creates a very supportive environment for the stresses that come with the the position.
  • No clear vision by leadership team
    Typical opposed points of view between sales and operations. Operations unwilling to support sales efforts Outbound efforts with prospects painted a picture of excellence and the team could not deliver on that promise.
  • High Stress. Low Pay.
    Its retail work. Your customers can be anywhere from the nicest person in the world to the most incredibly rude and obnoxious entitled feeling human on earth.Unfortunately, the majority of the customer base is the latter. Flexible schedule means your work schedule changes everyday. Some of the employees like it. I am not one of them.
  • Challenging
    Many changes over the years have turned a fun company environment into a ghost ship. There is no investment in infrastructure that drives a lot frustration internally.
  • PlumChoice - A Great Co-Op Job
    I enjoyed working at PlumChoice. I learned a lot about computers, printers, working on an IT help desk and how to deal with customers on the phone. I worked every other week for my high school co-op.

PlumChoice employees

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