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  • electrical/electronic manufacturing


  • ["sensors & components segment"]
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CTS Corporation Reviews

  • Poor management
    When I first started QTI sending solutions (now CTS) it had little to no training. Management was rude and not helpful. When I asked about benefits no one was clear since they recently went through an accusation. When you are first hired you are paid very little for the first 90days. With someone with experience they should pay better. I did not stay long due to poor communication, lack of training and poor pay. Most everyone has been with the company for a long period and also makes moving up extremely hard.
  • Nothing good about this job.
    I was told when i started the job that there would be some travel, but it was about to become a local job. I have been here 7 months and have only worked locally maybe 4 weeks out of that 7 months. i have been working in Houston just about the whole time. They are also very unorganized and DO NOT communicate properly. The money you start out with is no where near what the job is worth without experience, much less with experience. There is a blatant disregard to their employees and none of them want to be there. They are all talking about leaving. Don,t waste your time. I will be finding somewhere that deserves good employees like me asap.
  • Flexible work environment
    I have been doing HR type work for quite some time and would like to branch out and get some sales experience. I am self motivated, work hard want to continue to grow and develop myself.
  • A so-so place to work
    Good people in the office but try to make you drive over your 11 drive time .tractor and trailers were in pretty good shape. If problems with your truck they wanted it fixed Asap
  • Something Better
    Flip Flop work schedule. Did not get a regular schedule. Schedule was all over the place. Too much gossiping amongst management with the staff. Too many co workers calling out.
  • Fun place to work at
    Its a fun place to work at people are friendly and always joek around the job is easy and not challenging at all any one can do it as long as u can stand all day
  • very hardworking enviornment
    It was a great place to work and learn new things everyday. I recommend this job to anyone wanting to work hard and learn. i have been able to be in 3 different positions and continuously growing with my own knowledge.
  • Good starter job for new drivers
    Work for the performance and bubble sheets are not transparent enough. Mileage by zip code not openly disclosed from the time started. Turnover rate seems to be very high for this company.
  • CTS is lay off happy!
    Instead of lay offs, they need to fix their production problems. There is no job security at this company. The company has poor quality with no plans on improving it.
  • Give the opportun
    The company CTS they give me a lot of opportunities to get a job without having to wait a month. My first job was good with great experience and good coworkers. Make me a better person more responsability and more commitmen for myself.
  • The worst job
    It was a good job when I first started but the people there are rude and unfair it’s always someone that is in a higher position then you word over yours
  • Don’t work there
    Quality has no importance, they only care about numbers. They give you vacation but make you roll it and then steal it from you. As a a supervisor I was overworked and never thanked for it. Would never recommend!!!!
  • Poor management
    CTS Corporation ( crystal department) has always had issues but has gotten drastically worse over time. I would not recommend this place for employment. The following complaints were shared by many during my time of employment there. •Poor management •Poor training •High turn over.
  • They took OCM Cseriously.
    They took OCM seriously and they listened before they took action. It was a global project. I met a lot of interesting people from around the globe. Typical consulting schedule. M-Thurs. 40 hours in 4 days Expenses were paid
  • Job done
    This company is good assetment for youth people.They provide a good place to. start work. Reach out to employee.but for experience employee they needt o improve in paid and accomodation.

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