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  • Cambridge , , United Kingdom

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  • +64 7-823 5790


  • electrical/electronic manufacturing


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  • website:http://www.splwashrooms.co.nz
  • facebook:https://www.facebook.com/splwashrooms
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  • linkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/4804919

SPL Reviews

  • Great place to start a career
    SPL employs a variety of great people with the greatest customer base. Upper management is not very attentive to the needs of its employees and does not conform to its own pay scale. Pay is not based on experience level. It is only based upon the companies need for workers.
  • I loved working at SPL
    SPL is a good place to work at. I have the chance to grow and even to get a promotion. It was a very good experience to work at that place, SPL. You need to be accurate in your giving data and results.
  • Long hours and hard work
    Good place to work. Longs hours. Owner is flexible. The pay is good if your willing to put in the time. Get to meet a lot of new people and learn some good coping skills.
  • Great place and nice people
    Office easy to get to. Staff was great to work with. Forged a few long term friendships. Close to BART station for trips in to San Francisco. Wide variety of customer locations.
  • avi / spl
    Great place to work. Project Engineers at that time were totally responsible for the projects and had to make them happen. I learned to prioritize. Management was great. The culture was family close knit. The hardest part of the job was taking time for you own family. The most enjoyable part was the company meetings in Tampa.
  • Ok place
    I was with the company for many years and watched it changed, not for the better. The benefits were good and the pay was decent. Now it is under new management and it still remains to be seen if the will be a viable company.
  • great place to start
    I learned about the AV industry at AVI SPL they provided me with the opportunity to have a career and learn from a talented team.
  • Very fast paced, challenging, but fun work environment.
    Fun, but very fast paced and high volume of calls, emails and walk-ins. Close to my residence. The best part of the job is that you get to know your clients on a personal level and connect with them.
  • A great company
    They have experienced growth year over year. There are a lot of great people working for the organization. I enjoyed my time working with them.
  • good place
    nice employees, small company, good benefits, long-time and caring employees, very charitable within the community

SPL employees

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