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  • 301 N. Crowdus St., Dallas, TX 75226, US , , United States

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  • (214) 979-0961


  • entertainment


  • ["animation","visual effects","design","editorial","audio","3d","cg","stereoscopic","special attractions","interactive","commercials","music videos","liveaction","directors","ios app development","oculus rift development","samsung gear vr development","un"]
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Reel FX Reviews

  • it was fun to work as a propmaker
    I worked doing video and commercial stunts...most of my time there was doing the VW "unpimp my ride" commercial series. at the San Berindero military airport...
  • Old review
    I have no idea how the company is now its been so long and through so many managers that my input is invalid. But while I was there I had a good time and the facilities were the best even till now.
  • Big Yet Tiny
    A lot of moving parts/different divisions. Difficult to get everyone moving in the same direction. Tons of potential for great work, lots of fantastic artists.
  • Cutting
    My team was great. The directors are fun and know what they need. The board artists are the best in the business. Worked on some long heavy sound efx and lots scores cuts. Editing is the life.
  • Great company, but I hit the glass ceiling very early.
    Great company, but I hit the glass ceiling very early. This is still a bogus process, since we are going back 20 years! Please fix your review process!
  • It was really fun
    I had a really fun time during the time i was there, days were easy and it was very stress free. Coworkers were pretty cool and i always enjoyed their company.
  • Reel Fx is an awesome place to work.
    There is a tremendous amount of variety within the projects. The environment is exciting and employees can do a lot of side projects after hours.
  • Great Start up with lots of potential
    I worked very full days with a great team of artists. I learned a lot on how an animated feature is created and would love to work with these folks again. My coworkers were very friendly and helpful. The hardest part of the job was troubleshooting issues with the assets when they rendered incorrectly.

Reel FX employees

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