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  • 535 Legget Drive, 3rd Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K2K3B8, CA , , Canada

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  • (613) 271-1010


  • information technology and services


  • ["messaging middleware","internet data streaming","jms messaging","guaranteed messaging","wan distribution","smart city","internet of things","streaming","message broker","advanced event broker","event broker","and event mesh"]
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Solace Reviews

  • A lot of work
    No benefits and the owner seem to be nice but will become rude. Each person is treated differently. High turnover rate. I believe the best part is working with the different children getting to make a positive impact on their lives.
  • Business is one of three things
    You are either selling a product, a service or both. Everyday is different The key to businesses is finding out what people are good at, what motivates them, harnessing their talents and creating a true team. I will never ask you to do anything I wouldnt do, be blunt with me, and its my job to make you better than me. Authoritative in the day. Flexible at night. Hardest part is the best part... when you succeed it feels so good. Dealing with people.

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